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Chocolate Dymes
Light against Dark
Names for the dark
Darkskinned Beauties
More pics of the dark

What's up,my chocolate queens.I decided to make a site just for brown skinned and Darkskinned girls because I feel that we don't get any type od credit for what we do.Darker skinned girls are the most beautiful and most exotic people in the world.We don't never get put on music videos or anything.We always get left out.Well,no need to worry about that anymore,because now here at chocolate dymes,we can represent for the dark and the beautiful.We are always stereotyped for the wrong reasons.To yall lightskinned folks,just because yall are all up in movies and music videos does not mean that yall are the finnest bitches in the world.Im not hating,just letting yall know.As much as yall don't want to hear this.Yall are getting out of style very soon.Yall been in the scene since the late 1980's.It's about time for yall to go.What goes up must come down.Right now,yall yellow folks are up,but yall are going DOWN!Its time for the girls with color in their tone to represent.Don't get mad,but i just had to let this be known.Yall lightskinned folks swear like yall on top of the world or something.And quit tripping every time a brown person get on yall because yall light.Believe it or not,yall high yellows get joked on just as much as dark people.So DON'T get ya selves mixed up with what is in style.Yall steady having everything easy for yall.To all of my chocolate folks,it's time for us to represent.Join a place where you won't be ignored no longer.Those redbones will soon to find out that the darker,the better!!!!!Holla!  Don't send me no emails that are angry,because its not gonna change about how I feel.

We are giving you so called redbones a run for yall money!Watch out now,because it's our time to shine!