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Chocolate Dymes


Light against Dark
Names for the dark
Darkskinned Beauties
More pics of the dark

Why do lightskinned girls get more attentention than darkskinned girls?

Why do redbones get chosen over girls that have some color on their tone?

Why do lightskinned girls feel that they are on top of the world all because they are all up in the media?

Why do lightskinned girls get pissed off when a brownskinned person calls them names like "high yellow" Or "albino"

Why do lightskinned girls get jealous of brown and chocolate girls?

Why do 99% of lightskinned people claim that they are black when they might be mixed??????????

Why do lightskinned girls think that just because they don't got no color to them that they can joke on darker people?

Why do they complain about them not being in style when they are already in style?

Why do they consider themselves being decsriminated,when they already have everything going easy for them because they are close to the color white?

Why are they called redbones?did that name come from a redneck?????????????????????????????????

We are giving you so called redbones a run for yall money!Watch out now,because it's our time to shine!