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Chocolate Dymes

Light against Dark

Light against Dark
Names for the dark
Darkskinned Beauties
More pics of the dark

Lightskinned folks
1.They are concieted(some of them are)
2.They are not colored at all so why are they still considered black?
3.They take over everything
4.They age quicker
5.They look old
6.They don't really look naturally black
7.They have it easy for them.
Chocolate people
1.We are exotic
2.We have brown in us
3.We could be jamaican,African,Hatian,Or afro-cubam
4.We look good in black
5.We don't age very fast
6.We have bigger curves
7.We have more respect for ourselves
8.We are not mean
9.We ain't on music videos
10.We aint looked at as booty shakin video hoes

We are giving you so called redbones a run for yall money!Watch out now,because it's our time to shine!